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About Carriage House Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles result from the intentional pairing of two of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, the Standard Poodle and the Golden Retriever. Our Goldenoodle puppies are bred for beauty, intelligence, temperament and health from Purebred Registered Golden Retrievers and Poodles with Champion bloodlines.


If someone in your family suffers from mild to moderate allergies, a Goldendoodle’s soft & wavy coat will be very low to non-shedding along with little to no dander. Whether you enjoy hiking, jogging, boating, camping or taking a swim your Goldendoodle would be the perfect companion. They are intelligent, beautiful head-turners, easy going, easy to train, eager to please and super friendly! They are extremely patient which makes them a great fit for families with small children. Goldendoodles are also the best snugglers!


English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle puppies are the result of pairing a Standard Poodle to a European “English Cream” Golden Retriever. They are given the nickname “Teddy Bear” due to their boxy heads, shiny black eyes and noses. Along with their fluffy coats, they have quite a teddy bear appearance. F1 English Goldendoodles are generally white (cream), champagne, buff, or red. Unlike American Golden retrievers that range from light golden all the way to a deep red, true European Golden Retrievers have nothing but English Cream/white throughout their pedigree. Gorgeous creams and champagnes dominate.


First generation Goldendoodles, commonly referred to as F1 Goldendoodles, are the result of the intentional pairing of a Golden Retriever to a Poodle, making the puppies 50% Poodle, 50% Golden Retriever. In our case, we use European “English Cream” Golden Retrievers because we prefer the look and health of the English Goldendoodles to that of the American Goldendoodles. The gene pool that results from breeding two purebreds is said to be “wider” and creates healthier puppies because there is little to no risk of in-breeding between the two breeds for many generations. This is known as hybrid vigor.


The F1B generation is a “backcross” where an F1 Goldendoodle is bred “Back” to a Poodle, where the puppies will be 75% Poodle, 25% Golden Retriever. The F1B generation puppies often times, but not always, are more hypoallergenic and shed less than their F1 counterparts because of the 75% Poodle genetics. If you have moderate to severe allergies, an F1B Goldendoodle might be a better choice – where you can select one with a curlier, Poodle-like coat.

We breed F1 Standard English Goldendoodles and F1b Standard and Mini/Medium English Goldendoodles. Check out the Goldendoodle Puppies page for Current Litters, the Puppy Schedule to see Upcoming Litters, and the Goldendoodle Testimonials page to see our puppies in their forever homes with their new families. The Standards generally range from 50 – 70 pounds as adults, while the Mini/Mediums fall into the 30-45 pound range.