Visitor Policy

As a breeder of these amazing little creatures, the safety and health of our puppies is always our number one priority. Only families on our waiting list who have reserved a puppy are allowed to schedule a visit.

Families can visit our puppies after they’ve made a deposit for a litter. Each family is scheduled for a visit with the puppies when they are 5 weeks old. Families can meet the parents at that time or at the time of pick-up, depending on how the Mom has progressed in the weaning process.

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Parvo is always the main concern. Parvo can live up to 1 year on any surface in the warmest and coldest of temperatures. Puppies are not fully vaccinated for Parvo until they are 12 weeks old.

The mortality rate for a puppy exposed to Parvo is 86%. To allow people who are not on our waiting list to visit would greatly increase the amount of traffic on our property which in turn, would greatly increase health risks to our puppies. This is just not something that we are willing to compromise on.